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      Here at Steensma Novotny PLC, we’re proud members of the BDO Alliance USA. Partnership with the Alliance requires that members provide a certain level of service to clients, but more than that, it works to provide a great deal of benefits to our clients. Since we know many who aren’t familiar with the accounting world might not be aware of the BDO Alliance USA, we thought we’d explain a bit about what it is, and how it helps our clients. Let’s start with the basics:

      What is the BDO Alliance USA?

      BDO Alliance USA is a coalition of more than 400 independent CPA, consulting, and financial advisory firms. All pooled together, the Alliance is one of BDO’s largest clients, which means we have access to many of the same benefits and services as domestic and international BDO branches themselves. While our firm is completely autonomous, we are united with other Alliance members in our fierce dedication to our clients, our caliber of service, and in our spirit of collaboration for all members’ mutual benefit. BDO is the fifth largest accounting and consulting network, which means that small to mid-sized business members of the BDO Alliance USA have access to services typically only reserved for the largest size international accounting firms.

      How does the Alliance help our clients?

      Every member of the BDO Alliance USA is united in their goal of providing top-of-the-line service to their clients, in a way that’s both personalized and exceptional. To further that effort, each member of the Alliance has access to other members’ knowledge and services, and receives immediate support from BDO in just a phone call. This extension of our own accounting, consulting, and financial advising services means we’re able to answer even the toughest international questions in a short period of time, and expands our firm’s overall level of service. Just a few of the benefits of our BDO Alliance USA membership include:

      • Enhanced services for our clients
      • An extension of our firm’s overall capabilities
      • Expanded coverage, both domestically and internationally
      • Greater technical knowledge in a wealth of specialized accounting and financial areas
      • Access to, and participation in the latest, most up-to-date training programs
      • Ability to utilize sate of the art computer systems, and access to the most updated technical information in the field
      • Quick, collaborative communication with additional professionals with experience in a variety of specialized industries
      • Ability to provide our clients with key contacts and sophisticated professionals throughout the U.S.

      While these are just a few of the many benefits that come with Steensma Novotny PLC’s membership in the BDO Alliance USA, know that his membership functions to help us serve our clients better. Whether you have a question about international tax law that we’re not familiar with, or if you’re looking for a specialized accounting service, our access to the massive BDO network ensures we can answer those questions and solve those issues as quickly as possible. We’ve been a member for years now, and we’re extremely pleased to maintain our firm’s independent status, which provides us the ability to offer our clients a personalized, small firm experience, with the full backing of large firm services and benefits.

      If you’re interested in learning more about how Steensma Novotny PLC’s membership with the BDO Alliance USA could benefit your company, be sure to give us a call at 231-728-5176, or contact us online today!