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Employee Benefit Plan Services

Bringing Clarity to your 401(k) Audit Process

We Are 401(k) Plan Audit Specialists

401(k) plan audits are complex. We believe that a structured approach to 401(k) audits brings organization and clarity to an otherwise confusing process. As 401(k) plan audit specialists with years of experience, we’ve developed a straightforward 4-step process that enables us to complete even the most complicated 401(k) audits efficiently and remotely. We’re here to handle your 401(k) plan audit from start to finish, and we are offering remote auditing services to ensure you can file your 401(k) plan on time. 

Our 401(k) Audit Services Include:
  • Initial determination if you need an audit or not
  • Audit work done remotely to keep interruptions in your office to a minimum
  • Complete 401(k) audit support, from initial document review to issuance of the final report
  • Remote meetings with your Novotny CPA Group team, whenever you need them
  • The same audit team from year to year
  • Streamlined 4-step 401(k) audit process
  • Quick turnaround, ensuring your report and form 5500 are filed properly and on time


Need a 401(k) Audit for Your Company?

We’re here to support you. Schedule a 401(k) audit consultation with our team, and we can go over the details with you in real-time.

Complete Lifecycle Support

Our team will help you navigate through the different stages of your business and personal lifecycle. The support you need varies as you move through different stages of life.

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